5 year anniversary party / Altenberge, Germany

Exactly 6 months and 1 day ago (I really should have blogged about this yesterday ;) ) me and Philipp celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Germany in Philipp's parents garden! Our 5th wedding anniversary happened to be on a Saturday, so we felt like we just had to celebrate it that day.
The thought was to have a little party with all of the relatives and friends who could not make it to our wedding in Finland five years previously. Also a bunch of people from Finland were honoring us with their participancy, and we were of course more than greatful for every single guest :)

The whole week before the party, we had made foods, gathered tents, tables, chairs, grills, music equipment, drinks... to make a nice garden party happen. As garden parties can be a little bit risky weather wise, we also borrowed a tent from the neighbours. It is apparently the "party tent of the street" that people living on the street can use for parties. I wrote a blog post about the assembly already in the summer, you can read it here. And the tent actually turned out quite useful, as the evening was a little bit windy.
We didn't have any special program during the evening, except for grilling and a little speech by Philipp. 
The pictures in the blog post are taken by Anne Jellonek, Caroline Kullbäck and me (and retouched by me). Thank you so very much for the pictures! It was very nice to know that pictures were being taken without me having to "worry" about that all evening.

The evening went past very fast, at least for me :) Suddenly it was dark. The last guests left after 4am. So I guess that was a good sign! :)

Thank you so much for everyone who helped us organizing this party in any way or form. And thank you to all of the guest who celebrated with us! Next time in Finland 2021? ;) 
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