Philipp's karonkka

After the defence we celebrated Philipp's Karonkka at Wanha Freda in Jyväskylä. I had never visited the location before and I was very pleasantly surprised. The place was beautiful and charming and had perfect lighting for photography :) 
After a short greeting by Philipp we could enjoy the starters. Two different kinds of salads, halloumi cheese and devil's jam and reindeer carpaccio crostinis with cranberry jelly and rosemary aioli. I loved the starters and could have almost just eaten them. 
The main dish was the traditional Karelian stew, mashed potatoes, honeyglazed oven vegetables and lingonberry jam. I might be wrong nog, but I am actually not sure I have ever eaten Karelian stew before. I however liked it very much as well! 
After the dinner it was time for speeches. Philipp started, followed by the opponent, supervisor, co-author, colleagues and finally Philipp's dad. I am not much of a speech person myself so I held a private speech for Philipp afterwards :) I however am very proud of his accomplishment!

Philipp, of course, managed to make me cry (and also laugh) with his speech. It was very nice, thank you! 

The most memorable speech of the evening might still have been Philipp's supervisor's speech. We were told that Philipp is just part of a big anthropological study. The speech was super good and funny and he had really managed to make a perfect model of Philipp's personality. 

After the speeches it was time for coffee and cake! 

As you might have seen already Elmeri (the dog) was also taking part in the celebration. When I was getting ready for the evening he was really protesting, and he just refused to stay alone in the hotel room. We called Wanha Freda in advanced and ask if it was okay to bring a dog, which it was. He even got his own water bowl for the party. And apparently also cake (see picture above!). Elmeri behaved very well during the celebration, he only barked at exactly the right times during the speeches. I appreciate so much that we were able to bring him.
It was a very nice karonkka party with nice people, nice food, nice speeches! A successful party one could say. After the party we continued to two different bars as well, but I have no pictures from that :) 
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Philipp's doctoral defence

I will actually write this blog post in english as I believe the readers most interested in this post and the pictures would appreciate that. On Saturday Philipp had his doctoral defence at the University of Jyväskylä. It was very exciting for me, as I had never attended a defence before. I believe I was actually more nervous than Philipp.
The defence itself took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Philipp first presented his dissertation and after that his opponent professor Geneviève Bassellier (from Canada/McGill University) asked him questions.
The defence was very intresting to follow and personally I think Philipp did very well :) 

Afterwards we enjoyed some sparkling wine, coffee and cakes and congratulated the man of the day. 

Some mingling.

And of course a little photo session. 

After the defence we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Karonkka party in the evening. But those pictures will be in the next blog post. 
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Disputation och Karonkka

Jag hade planerat att blogga under helgen, men vi hade så mycket program hela tiden att tiden inte riktigt fanns. Vi har alltså varit i Jyväskylä under helgen eftersom Philipp har disputerat och haft sin karonkka. Jag har en hel drös med bilder att gå igenom nu som kommer upp på bloggen inom kort. Senast imorgon hade jag tänkt, eller kanske redan idag om jag lyckas vara riktigt snabb. Inbjudningskortet till disputationen och karonkkan ser ni på bilden, jag hade alltså fått den stora äran att designa det.
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